Famous RJ in India

Native Indian stations individualities brought about some of the most significant changes in the audio press of the country. Lately, the air stations companies are created up of copy writers, manufacturers, compering professionals and most of all stations jockeys. The RJs or the air stations jockeys have been providing the Native indian stations properly for almost the century. Earlier they have been known through the air stations announcers, who only operated as information visitors or serves and later with the introduction of FM programs the Radio Announcer were referred to as RJ or Radio Jockey. These days it is one of the most desired professions because it offers huge stardom and money too.

Lately, the jockeys of air stations have been on the groups and it would be amusing these audiences and during the same time it would be providing modified version of online information. Every RJ successful would be best known through its own design of interacting. A sweet, mid to heavy speech is considered to be the best one for delivering. However, individual appeal of the Native Indian stations individualities created them actually famous. Delivery of entire speech is not at all that easy task and confidence is the key word to obtain success.

Ameen Sayani, one of the most well-known stations announcers of Native indian Radio, is currently working through the Red FM. He has accomplished popularity through the  Binaca Geetmala as well as Bournvita Questions Competition and decided over the radio during 50's and Sixties. His older sibling Hamid Sayani has also been an invisible stations character of international popularity. The superstar acting professional Sunil Dutt started his profession in Native indian press through Radio. Vijay Dubey Kishore as well as Shiv Kumar Saroj is regarded as the 2 famous stations and they have made the Radio programs very popular and the trend of stations jockeys and it has enhanced. It is known for having the route FM programming music and it is having good audio quality as compared to other short, method trend programs. As a result, the oral ability of the air stations jockeys is truly utilized substantially in FM programs. RJ Prateek  and Rhicha Vyas are two most well-known stations jockeys of modern Native indian Radio. The method has achieved out its regional viewers through stations jockeys like Anuj Gurwara and Cindu Chandrasekharan.


  • 91.1 FM Radio City Rj’s at -  Archana  and Salil
  • Fm 92.7 Big Rj’s at– Ketan, Nitin, Kalindi, Raji, Meera, Rahul Vaidya, Mantra
  • Fm 93.5 Red Rj’s– Malishka, Rohini Ramnathan Nitin, Neeil,
  • At Fm 94.3 Rj’s– Malini Agarwal
  • 98.3  FM Radio Mirchi Rj’s at– Anant, Saurabh, sree, Mir, Deep, Stutee, safai, (At All Indian Level)
  • 104 Fm Fever Rj’s at–   Karan Singh, Anurag Pandey
  • Rainbow 107.1 Air Fm Rj’s at– Sohail, Aditi, Ravi Chauhan, Wasim, Altaf,  Raunak, Sunny (Radio Jockeys All India)

This was all about the Famous RJ in India and along with the List of Famous RJ in India too.